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Our Firefighters/EMTs

Responds to emergency situations, natural conditions that pose a threat to life and property, and incidents of service to the citizens. Our firefighters are responsible for the protection of life and property through firefighting activities, emergency medical services, fire inspection activities, public education and other like duties. They perform a full range of emergency work under adverse and strenuous physical conditions. 

Our 2024 Recruits

Recruits are members of the community seeking a firefighter career. They are under supervision while attending the fire academy, which prepares the recruits and teaches them to perform the related work.

Our Marine Search and Rescue 


Marine Search and Rescue is a team that provides emergency response and mitigation to incidents that occur within the water surrounding North Whidbey Island The Marine team expertise includes search, rescue. and recovery operations and providing assistance to citizens and/or vessels in distress. 

Our Support Crew

North Whidbey Fire and Rescue's Support team are individuals that provide support to North Whidbey Fire and Rescue to include, incident support, public outreach, and educational events to the public. 

Our Cadets

Fire Cadets are uniformed civilian employees who work in an apprentice-style program designed to prepare cadets for a career as firefighters.

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