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Steve Lacy has been with NWFR for 29 years and has been station captain for 22 years. He has been a nationally certified EMT and is currently a certified Wa. State EMT and Fire Officer 1.

He has been married to Debbie for 47 years. She is an RN, recently retired, and they have two sons in the fire service.  Jon is a Federal Firefighter/EMT with NAS Whidbey, and Dave is a Snohomish 4 Firefighter/Paramedic. They are also grandparents of 5 awesome grandkids.

Steve served 20 years in the Navy as a Naval Aircrewman, retiring as a Chief Petty Officer. He also worked for 25 yrs. in the Flight Simulator business.  He has a BS in Business Management, with studies in Behavioral Science. 

 He believes it is an honor to serve his community, as it was an honor and privilege to serve his country. He is grateful that both of his sons are doing the same, serving and helping others, and hopefully, that sense of service is passed on to the following generations.

Battalion Chief
Steve Lacy

Phone: 360.544.8300


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