Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Annual Reports

Here is a repository of our Annual Reports. Our annual reports are published each year once the report is reviewed by the NWFR Commissioners. Each year's annual report serves as a snapshot of NWFR's activities, emergency response information, budget information and other pertinent topics.

Recall Alerts

This page contains links to the original CPSC issued alerts for recalls that we are made aware of.

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Commercial Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Recall

The Consumer Safety Protection Commission recently issued a recall of certain Commercial Occupancy smoke detectors and fire alarms.

These systems are branded as either ESL or Interlogix and affect model numbers 400 and 500.

We recommend that owners of commercial and industrial occupancies contact their alarm companies to verify what system you have installed and if affected to arrange for your alarm system to be serviced in accordance with the recommendations of the CPSC recall notice.

A link to the CPSC recall notice that was distributed to Washington State fire departments is available by following the drop down menu Public Info -> Recall Notices and selecting the file "ESL-Interlogix Smoke Detector and Alarm Recall.pdf"

*** This recall is for Commercial or Industrial alarm systems only, residential alarm systems are not affected to our knowledge. ***